The Angle On Gooseneck Lighting – It’s All About Options

From their initial introduction, gooseneck lighting fixtures sparked the interest and imagination of business owners and commercial sites. From barn lights to emblem and angle lights, the curved shape of the arm provides an architectural point of interest, along with shade size and color. Known for what they add to any exterior decor, gooseneck lights also fill a vital need for effective illumination for signage in equal measure. Since a variety of styles and designs prove essential in making the best choice for your lighting and architectural requirements, we thought we’d provide some great examples of how many options are actually available.

Architectural Gooseneck Lamps

Architectural Gooseneck Lamps


The angle of the arm, how long it needs to be, and distance between lamp and what it illuminates, will be the first factor for you to determine for your outside gooseneck lighting. The arm serves both a functional necessity and aesthetic purpose. You will need to decide both overall length as well as curvature required for both functions. With 20 standard arm extension designs to choose from, and with infinite custom possibilities besides, the arm provides a graceful starting point from which to add your shade.


A shade is more than a shade. The shade takes over where the arm leaves off. The shade not only controls the illumination swath–tight or broad; it also completes the physical design element of your exterior gooseneck wall lighting fixture. What comes out from the shade is quantity and direction of light bathing your sign, message, path or overall lighting focus. The modern angle and classic emblem shades are great for signs and messaging as they cast either broad or directional light. Both warehouse and barn lights make great path lights, for heavily trafficked areas, storefronts, entrances, as well as ambient lighting for buildings and public spaces as a security measure. No matter what arm and shade you select, the aesthetics automatically become an integral part of the lighting experience and therefore, selection process. Color and finish provide an additional element as well. ADL has over two dozen colors to choose from. Finish choices include satin, powder coated paint standard on most shades, and 100% real copper that patinas to a beautiful hue as it ages. If your plans require a unique color or finish, we can customize to meet any request.

Copper Prairie Barn Wall Light

Copper Prairie Barn Wall Light


The actual lamp or bulb is determined by where and how you to want or need to illuminate something and the mood you want to create. Soft White lamps provide a warm, yellow glow. Bright white color spectrum bulbs provide crisp, clean light when you need to have visual clarity. And Daylight coloration offers light bright enough to mimic daylight when complete visibility is essential. An additional element affecting bulb choice is the size and type of shade you select. Typically, small shades require watt limits while larger shades can handle 200w bulbs brilliantly. Many gooseneck lights use incandescent bulbs as a standard but are upgradable to compact fluorescent, LED or HID bulbs.

Kelvin color temperature scale

Kelvin Color Temperature Scale

Once you have your outdoor lighting ideas fixed in your mind, please visit our Gooseneck section of the website. Shop by arm, shade, color and style today.  

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