Restaurant Design: Original House of Lu’s Modern Renovation

When the Original House of Lu opened in 1997 the owners, Cindy Lu’s parents, wanted to showcase their Chinese heritage and bring delicious food to the people of Marietta, GA. Recently current owner, Cindy, added Vietnamese cuisine to their menu and give her eatery a complete renovation, inside and out! Here we’ll walk you through a transformation from the passé previous to the current modern restaurant design by Cassandra Buckalew Interiors.

House of Lu Before and After

(Source: Facebook)

Symbolism in Design

Antique Tea Pots

The restaurant owner and designer incorporated many symbolic Asian decor into the restaurant to create an authentic Asian feel (Source: Yelp)

A strong understanding of symbolism is important when designing a restaurant, or any commercial space for that matter. Whether you realize it or not, designers incorporate specific shapes and colors that evoke emotion and cognitive connections. The Original House of Lu is no exception.  They incorporated Asian symbols throughout their restaurant design seamlessly. Here are a few:

RLM Gooseneck Lights

Embracing both Chinese and Vietnamese culture through design, the Original House of Lu remains true to their roots while enhancing dining experiences simultaneously.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Choices

Prior to the transformation, House of Lu had sconce wall lights, little to no ceiling lighting, and a few accents lights here and there. Cassandra Buckalew Interiors knocked it out of the park, adding can lights, free-range chicken coop pendants, backlighting, and Exterior Gooseneck Lighting Fixtures – sourced from

Gooseneck Lights that Serve a Purpose

Storefront gooseneck light

Often found over awnings, sleek and stylish gooseneck light fixtures are a great way to brighten your storefront. (Source: Yelp)

The black gooseneck light fixtures were chosen to match the modern style of the restaurant, plus the lights went perfectly with the new awnings. Not only should your restaurant logo sign ALWAYS be illuminated to let people know you’re there, it’s also smart to post your current menu offerings for passersby to peruse. Restaurants with menus posted on their exteriors give possible patrons the ability to check things out before committing to sitting at a table – and in densely populated areas like Marietta Square, the competition for business can be fierce.

The Architect Design Lighting Experience

Menu Board Gooseneck Light

Angle shade light fixtures direct extra light towards other exterior elements such as menu boards. (Source: Facebook)

As the historic Marietta Square changed, it became apparent that House of Lu was due for one as well. What Cindy Lu said she appreciated the most was the ability to order custom gooseneck lighting, just the way she wanted it. The menu board outside required a smaller-sized fixture, which ADL was more than happy to deliver. A commercial lighting professional at the company was also able to help her choose the best lights for illuminating the other exterior elements, so you don’t need to be a lighting expert to choose the right lights.

Architect Design Lighting offers free one-on-one lighting consultation, straight from industry professionals in California. Whether you’re looking for gooseneck or awning lighting for your restaurant design, or working with a tricky space you need to illuminate they can help you every step of the way.


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