Security Lighting Tips for your Residential or Commercial Spaces

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Placing wall lights on either side of the main entrance makes it easier for you to locate keys and locks when entering or exiting your property. (Source: Shutter Stock)

Beyond illuminating spaces and beautifying your exterior, outdoor light fixtures can add security to your commercial or residential spaces. A well-lit area in front of your business or home is a strong deterrence to keep thieves from robbing you. Criminals are drawn to the darkness because it allows them to creep around undetected. A poorly-lit area is like an invitation for a burglar to invade your home. With strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can prevent potential intruders from lurking around your business or home, waiting for their chance to strike.

Instinctively, you will want to flood your home or business with bright lights, but this can actually hurt you more than benefit you. Using too many lights can cause blind spots, glare, and shadows which can conceal a prowler because your eyes have a harder time adjusting to the bright lights. So you want to avoid using bright, unshielded floodlights, which can also help a criminal see better. In addition, powering all those lamps is a waste of energy and the bright lights can bother neighbors. Instead, you want to strategically place your lights to create an effective security lighting plan. Remember, it’s quality that matters – not quantity.

Use lights in areas where an intruder can hide in the shadows or enter your premises easily such as a low window. (Source: Shutter Stock)

Think Like a Burglar
Consider the places a thief might try to break into. An obscured back door or window that is out-of-sight from passersby will look enticing to the burglar. So when creating a security lighting plan, consider these areas first. Wall sconces are the perfect way to brighten up an out-of-sight area without being an ugly distraction. Consider angle shade gooseneck lights to do the job. These stylish fixtures go with any home’s style and the angle shade directs the light downwards so your light will not irk your neighbors.

Add a Motion Sensor
Keeping your outdoor lighting illuminated all night can be costly. Instead, outfit your outdoor lights with motion sensor in order to cut costs on the electricity bill. A motion sensor will trigger the lights on when  movement is detected and startle the intruder. The invader might think there is someone inside and have second thoughts on trespass in your home or business.

Lamp posts security lighting

Lights that are beyond reach makes it nearly impossible for a prowler to tamper with them. (Source: Shutter Stock)

Make It Unreachable
Light fixtures that are hung too low are susceptible to being easily tampered by a thief. Place your outdoor lights high so they are beyond the reach of a criminal who can smash or remove the bulbs. Vapor tight light sconces equipped with cast guards are the perfect fixtures to protect against vandalism. If there are no walls nearby on which to mount a light, use post lights, like this decorative street lamp, which are tall and unreachable and provide general lighting to a large area.

Exterior lighting has a crucial role in preventing crime and should be well-thought-out for maximum efficiency. Superior lighting design is also a cost-effective way for homeowners and business owners to enhance their outdoor security system. It also has the added  benefits of boosting up your curb appeal and make it safer for you to navigate through your property at night. Give yourself a little peace of mind from theft with an outdoor lighting security plan.

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  1. Aaron Curtis
    Aaron Curtis says:

    Amazing tips! Installing interior security lighting startles an intruder. Several indoor lighting products aid in crime prevention, even if someone breaches the home’s interior. For example, indoor lights with sensors turn on when motion is detected. Some homeowners make a mistake when they leave one interior light on while absent.

  2. Alvaro Hernandez
    Alvaro Hernandez says:

    I found your suggestions very reassuring and incredibly common-sense-useful! Loved this post and I’m definitely pinning it to share! Thanks for the great read and awesome tips!

  3. Kyle Winters
    Kyle Winters says:

    This is some great advice because, while a lot of people buy security lights for their home, not many people know how to properly set them up. I especially like that you remind your readers not to leave them hanging too low. After all, you want to make sure there out of reach, and preferably hidden, so that no burglars can break them.


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