Add Curb Appeal with Lamppost Fixtures

Is it possible to add a dash of style, safety, and curb appeal to your home or office with just one item? The answer is yes if it is a lamppost. Lampposts add architectural detail to a space while bringing in light and safety. There’s more variety and options in lamppost fixtures than you might think. Here are three great options:

Single Arm

The most basic option is a single arm lamp, which features just one light bulb. Single arm lampposts are great for creating ambiance because they provide enough light to illuminate an area without being extra bright like multi-arm lamps. Single arm lampposts are great functional lighting along a walkway or driveway and can help illuminate the path to your home or business. A classic single arm lamppost is this up light deep bowl lamp. The bowl of the light points the light in a specific direction and makes it stronger right under the light. For a softer look that sends light in all directions, look for a fixture without a shade and that has openings on all sides. The hook, pole, and finish can be customized to meet your needs and create a piece that is all your own.

Design Tip: Vintage-style lamp posts give city streets a Gaslamp Quarter feel.

Design Tip: Vintage-style lamp posts give city streets a Gaslamp Quarter feel.

Double Arm

For a nostalgic feel, the double arm lamppost evokes feelings of classic streetlights and carriage lights. Larger than the simple arm lamp, a double post takes up more space and offers more light. Double arm lampposts are great for walkways or for plazas or courtyards. Most double arm lampposts have shades, meaning the light is focused downward. However, the posts come in a variety of styles and can be customized with decorative details and finishes. A modern option is this wavelength radial shade light, which combines the sleek industrial feel of the lights with the classic double arm lamp configuration.

Multi Light

The largest lamppost option is a multi-light fixture. Most multi-light fixtures have three lights, but some can have many more. Multi-light lampposts create the most amount of light and are fantastic for lighting building exteriors, parking lots, or walkways. Multi-light lamps offer more flexibility in the arrangement of the lights. Some, like this 3 lamp pagoda pole, stagger the three lights together while others keep the lights at the same level. Like the other lampposts, multi-light fixtures can be customized and perfected to meet your needs. Lamppost fixtures are a practical and stylish way to add to your curb appeal. Your home or business will not only be illuminated and safe, but also showcase your personal style and the style of the building.

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